New York Private Investigative Services, Inc. has an elite group of officers who
    are not only licensed to perform the services of security /executive protection
    but they are licensed investigators. The presence of either an armed or
    unarmed officer deters criminal behavior while affording clientele and
    employees the advantage of a safe work environment. Officers will provide foot
    as well as mobile patrols to assist in the prevention, and act as a deterrent to
    criminal activity.

    NYPIS Security Services offers preventative measures for losses due to theft,
    fire, or vandalism by providing clients with visual deterrents to crime.  Our
    officers are qualified to install all types of alarm systems, motion detectors, and
    CCTV systems to ensure that your business is secure from any unauthorized

    NYPIS offers a comprehensive security plan so clients can concentrate on their
    particular business needs,  instead of being concerned with security, safety,
    liability, insurance and loss.  NYPIS Security Services, a subsidiary of New York
    Private Investigation Services, Inc., is adequately bonded and insured, and
    provides clients with highly trained, professional, armed/unarmed uniformed
    officers. Our Security services include commercial, industrial, and residential

  • Armed/Unarmed Officers
  • Construction and Industrial/Plant Security
  • Corporate Security
  • Retail Facilities & Office Buildings
  • Security Consulting
  • Uniform and Plain Clothed Officers
  • Undercover Operatives
  • Executive Protection
  • Surveillance
  • Employee Interrogation/Interviews
  • Covert Camera Investigations
  • Estate Security
  • Event Security
  • Security Guard Training School

    "Street smart, tech driven, leaders in the industry."

New York Private Investigation Services, Inc.

New York Private Investigation Services, Inc.


Armed/Unarmed Officers

NYPIS uniformed armed and unarmed officers are trained effectively for
premises protection where there is a high incidence of theft or vandalism.
Security Officers will provide foot as well as mobile patrols to assist in the
prevention, and act as a deterrent to criminal activity.

Construction and Industrial Site Security

Loss of construction equipment due to theft not only is a major source of loss
to all contractors but it also stalls construction schedules thus adding to the
cost of any project. Construction and industrial sites are easy targets for
thieves and also terrorists, therefore an effective and qualified security
presence is a necessity. NYPIS Officers meet all the fireguard qualifications as
well as New York State armed security certifications and licenses.

Corporate Security (Retail Facilities/Office Buildings)

NYPIS Security Officers are either uniformed or in plain clothing. They are
armed or unarmed depending upon a client's specific needs. Such site
recommendations are provided by our Security Consultants.  In a corporate
environment, NYPIS Officers while in uniform are a visual deterrent, but are
also utilized while plain clothed as a discreet presence in certain corporate
environments where a visual presence may be inappropriate , i.e, in corporate
meetings, off site seminars, office events, training in-house seminars, etc.   

Undercover Operatives

In today's world a security presence is utilized not only for property but also for
personal safety. NYPIS Officers provide several in house services including
undercover operatives in the event of suspected employee theft. An undercover
operative is a NYPIS Officer that is trained and supervised by NYPIS Personnel,
but hired as a regular employee through the Human Resource Department or
Loss Prevention Department of the client company. The undercover operative
will observe any and all illegal activity including theft, fraud, drug or alcohol
abuse, vandalism, safety violations, misconduct, employee violence or any
other violation of company policy. Such observations will be documented by the
undercover operative ant then NYPIS Managers will forward such information to
the Client.   

Security Consulting

NYPIS Security Services staff demonstrate an incisive knowledge of security
protocol and are abreast of new trends and methods to deploy these services.
NYPIS consultants are not only advance Security Officers but are former
personnel from Law Enforcement, Investigative, Risk Management, and the
private sector. NYPIS Consultants  will initially conduct a physical safety and
security tour of the property/site, evaluate current security systems, review
management and safety protocol, provide a threat analysis, make a
vulnerability assessment, and thus provide a security recommendation.  

Executive Protection

NYPIS provides both armed and unarmed security services to Directors and
Officers, and high ranking executives to and from the workplace, at the
workplace, at social events and within the home.  

NYPIS offers full day surveillance of an individual or individuals. Video and
photo documentation will be provided along with a written report, investigative
summary and recommendations.

Employee Interrrogations/Interviews

NYPIS officers are properly trained in handling delicate situations such as
interrogations,  employee interviews, interrogations in the event of employee
theft, fraud and workplace violence.

Covert Camera Investigations

Our technical associates provide covert and overt camera system installation,
after an initial assessment, by our security consultants.  

Estate Security

When residences are vacated for periods of time during vacations or holidays,
in addition to security systems, we provide around-the-clock security when
property is vulnerable to theft and vandalism. We also provide security services
when contractors, service providers, i.e., cleaning services, or contractors, etc.,
are on the property to further deter burglary or theft.  

Event Security

Our security officers are well equipped and trained to handle large crowds
while securing an area. Officers will be posted at various locations on foot and
also on mobile patrol. They are also trained to screen patrons or event
participants, and to be alert to any sort of criminal activity.

Security Training School

NYPIS operates it's own in-house security training school. We not only offer
training in the Eight Hour In-Service, Eight Hour Annual, and Sixteen Hour
Course for Security Guards, but investigative training is offered to the highest
tiered security officers.
"NYPIS Security Officers - a new breed of security in a Post 9/11 world."
NYPIS Security Services
 Tactical Armed Officers
 Armed Security Officers
 Unarmed Security Officers
 Executive Protection
 Fireguard Qualified
 Mobile Patrol
 Uniformed/plain clothes